September, 2020
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An Overview:
Standard Co. (USA) Inc (doing business as Standard Express) incorporated as a New York corporation in the year 2010. It is licensed as a Money Transmitter from  the New York State Department of Financial Services and California Department of Business Oversight. This is a 100% owned subsidiary of Standard Bank Limited, Bangladesh. The company is run by a team of skilled, experienced and committed professionals. Within a very short span of its journey, Standard Express has become a trusted home for money transfer to the Bangladeshi expatriates.

To set a new standard in the industry of money transfer with service offerings, customer service excellence, employment of emergent technologies and superior market presence.

To stay ahead of the times ensuring customer-friendly services delivered with a personal touch and warmth and fulfilling the aspirations of the growing Bangladeshi expatriates.

To serve the Bangladeshi expatriates in the USA in sending their hard-earned money home safely and timely through banking system. As an enthusiastic money transmitter, Standard Express emphasizes on nominal charges, state-of-the-art technologies and ensuring timely payment to the beneficiaries.

Standard Express was established in the USA at a time when presence of a money transfer company with new standard, sound management and quality service was needed to meet the aspirations of the growing NRBs and to tap the potentialities of an untapped market. Standard Express was founded in the year 2010 and started its operation in the month of March, 2011. It was the birth of a money transfer company owned by a Bangladeshi Bank aiming to setting a new standard in the industry.

The USA is a very potential market and a major hub for remittance as a good number of Bangladeshi are living here and send money home regularly. The largest concentration of Bangladeshi in the USA is in New York. Standard Express has commenced its business of money transfer with its corporate office in Jackson Heights, a bustling Bangladeshi American venue. Meanwhile, Standard Express has grown and expanded into 6 branches in different cities with Bangladeshi concentration in New York. It has expanded  its operation in the State of California with a branch in Los Angeles.  

Although profitability has always been the highlight of the company's business, the main focus of Standard Express is to serve the Bangladeshi expatriates in sending money home through banking system ensuring standard and quality service.   

Products and Services:
As a money transmitter, Standard Express is committed to make the funds available to the beneficiary at the earliest with utmost care and trust through its correspondents in Bangladesh with large network covering the whole country. Payment is made either:


Since the main objective of the company is to serve the Bangladeshi expatriates in the USA, Standard Express offers a nominal/discounted charges for money transfer service. This is how Standard Express says "thank you" to its customers.  

Human Resources:
Quality of workforce is the key to any company's success. Keeping it in mind, Standard Express emphasizes on employment of the people with the virtues of honesty, creativity, professionalism, flexibility and the desire to serve the customers the best possible way. Ongoing training process is there for continuous improvement. 

Discount Fees
Remit Amount Fees
$1.00 - $500.00 $2.00
$501.00 - $1000.00 $4.00
$1001.00 - $2000.00 $6.00
$2001.00 & Above $8.00

Today's Exchange Rates
1 USD = 85.00 Taka